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There's one rather prominent character in Alron's life that I have neglected to mention so far.

I'm fairly certain that it was after The Final Enemy (mostly because I can't recall Fang being along with us for what we had to do in that adventure). The group was walking by an alley in town and we heard what sounded like someone getting beaten up. Investigating, we found a big guy lying on the ground, with another guy sitting on his chest, and another guy standing nearby. We helped scare off the two men, but when the "victim" on the ground got up, he was huge! A half-ogre!

Instead of thanking us, he got hostile... and he and the barbarian got into a fight at that point. He knocked the half-ogre out, and the guards showed up just then... this is how it went:

Guards (at the end of the alley): "What's going on down there??"
Fang (on the ground): *wakes up* "Grrr!"
Conan (sitting on Fang's chest): *punches Fang in the face, knocking him out again*
Alron: "Quick! Put out the light!"
Half-elf NPC (fighter?): *throws lantern onto the ground, smashing it*
Alron: *forehead smack* "Let's get out of here!"

and we dragged Fang off. When he woke up, he grudgingly explained that they were trying to rob him, and he decided to join our group, since we helped him... I guess. I never could figure out why Fang joined up, other than maybe we didn't attack him or try to take advantage. Ah, the benefits of being "Good". heh.

The name of our new friend... Fang Irontooth.

Here's Fang now, obviously having some in-depth philosophical conversation with Alron about the meaning of life, or somesuch.

(Hmph. I can't find the image for this now... gimme a few ticks...)

Fang accompanied us on all our adventures after that... even Bone Hill. I think he ended up trying to read a book in the Charm room.

When it came time to test for the quest we were supposed to go on, Fang never said what he'd gone through, but he came back with this really cool platemail armor. He went with Alron to the Caves of Chaos to fight the cultists there, and went with him through the portal to escape the demon... but he got separated from Alron.

It wasn't until quite a bit of time after Alron arrived in the future that he met up again with Fang.

The group (this was the roster from two posts ago) was traveling along, when we ran into a large force of orcs, hobgoblins and ogres. We took them on, since they looked fairly organized and with a purpose in mind... and probably not a very good purpose at that... and we defeated them soundly. It was a tough fight, but a resounding victory.

We got into the next town and Alron was walking in the market area when he suddenly got struck in the back by an arrow. Pulling it out, he found a note attached. It said to come outside town, alone. Curious, he went, and was met by some orcs, who were peaceful, at least to him. They had a coach and they said that they were going to take him to their leader. Refusal would mean the destruction of the town.

He went along, and was brought to an immense camp of humanoids... orcs, goblins, hobgoblins... and was taken up to the leader's tent, with two huge ogre guards. Going inside, he found Fang, sitting on a throne, as their leader.

It was an amiable reunion, but it turned out that Fang used the powers of his armor to accumulate this vast army of humanoids. I guess he came out of that other dimension faster than Alron had, so he was around for a few more years before Alron arrived. He was upset at us destroying his forces, even though it was just a small percentage of the whole, since it was a challenge to his authority, and if he didn't do something, he'd lose face with his troops.

He said that he did not want to harm Alron, since Alron was a friend of his, but he wanted the elves and half-elves of the group. If they didn't show up, he would have his forces destroy the town. Alron asked for one thing, that he not kill them. He returned to the others and told them what happened, and they agreed.

Sarek, Zoroaster, and I think my friend Todd was playing an elf at the time, went with Fang's troops, and it was basically an arena fight. All three of them against him. He must have been a 10th or 12th level fighter by this point, with that powerful magical armor he got from the Gods. He kicked their asses and then returned them, alive, as Alron requested.

That, I think, was the last we'd seen of Fang. I don't know what happened to him after that, and we didn't encounter his forces again, either.

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