Friday, May 1, 2009


(Updated as of June 1, 2012)

1. Captain Korinn Snowshard (2011-12) - 15th level Dragonborn Bard/Warlord/Ardent (4e)
2. Thomas Nathan Tremblay (2010-11) - Undead Union Army Sharpshooter (Deadlands)
3. Randall Forrester (2008-10) - 10th level Human Ranger (4e)
4. Aurik (2008-09) - 9th level Tiefling Wizard (4e)
5. Serellian Leaflord (2008-09) - 5th level Elf Paladin (4e)
6. Rokan Ironfist (2008) - 2nd level Dwarf Fighter (4e)
7. Geldan Kamarov (2007-08) - 13th level Human Fighter (3.5e)
8. Zorenthiel Moonshadow (2007-08) - 3rd/4th/2nd level Elf Cleric/Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge (3.5e)
9. Shandara (2005-2007) - 6th/5th level Halfelf Cleric/MagicUser (1e)
10. Warren Livingstone (2005-07) - 12th level Human Paladin (1e)
11. Eginhard Dunstill (2004-2005) - 4th level Human Cleric (3.5e)
12. Glyce (2003) - 5th level Githyanki Fighter/Psychic Warrior (3.5e)
13. Laarde Torosken (2002) - 3rd level Wroonian Smuggler/Jedi (SW)
14. Adrianna Whitestar (1999) - 6th level Human Paladin (2e)
15. Thorn Greenwood (1993-1994) - 6th level Human "Cleric of Teutares" (2e)
16. Mizraith Den'duarn (1992-1993) - 8th level Dark Elf Magic User (2e)
17. Rainara Goldenbow (1991-92) - 5th/5th level Wood Elf Ranger/Magic User (2e)
18. Alron of Haven (1984-1991) - 6th/6th level Human Archer/Ranger (1e/2e)
19. Githrandel Tiele (1991) - 4th level Human Illusionist (1e)
20. Geldan (1981-83) - 16th level Human Fighter (1e)
21. Alron (1981-83) - 14th level Human Ranger (1e)
22. Clarissa (1981) - 5th level Grey Elf Cavalier (1e)
23. Ballinger (1980) - 4th level Human Fighter (1e)
24. Unnamed Centaur - 1st level Centaur Fighter (Basic)
25. Brandon the Fourth (1979) - 1st level Human Fighter (Basic)

1. D&D Encounters, Season 7: Beyond the Crystal Cave (2011-12)
2. D&D Encounters, Season 6: Lost Crown of Neverwinter (2011)
3. D&D Encounters, Season 5: Dark Legacy of Evard (2011)
4. 4e D&D Gamma World campaign (2010-11)
5. 4e D&D homebrew campaign (2009-10)
6. 3.5e D&D Dragonlance War of the Lance campaign (2002-2005)
7. Star Wars Roleplaying Game campaign (1994-2002)

Oh, these aren't all the characters I've played, or the games I've run. There were a lot of generic characters, and a lot of generic adventures that I played in grade school that I'm just not going to remember. Mostly ones that I played in the killer-DM games. I do remember rolling up two "Samurai", which were just human fighters (I think in Basic D&D, but might have been Advanced). I made them brothers, and their names were fairly similar. Having studied some Japanese, I'd probably be embarrassed by the names I gave them, if I could remember. I just get the impression that they were pretty hokey.

There were lots of Champions characters, none of which I can really remember, and a Top Secret character I nicknamed "The Sandman". That was a game that Craig ran. The Sandman's "thing" was using a tranquiler gun instead of one with bullets. A tranquiler gun was cheaper than a regular one, and he didn't have much money. Still, he rescued the President. Not bad. heh.

My top three:

- Alron. He's my longest running character, and he'd gone through the most fun adventures. There have been two versions. One long ago, in grade school with Danny DMing. I've forgotten most of the details of his adventures, but I do remember him owning a lot of Lord of the Rings magic items... Glamdring and one of the rings of power (Aragorn's?). The other is more recent, played with Steve as DM, and although I've forgotten much of the details, but I can still remember quite a bit. I'll be making an effort to post the majority of what I can remember in subsequent posts.

- Adrianna. She was a pretty cool character. The DM running that game commented that it was the best paladin he'd ever seen played. Nice. A couple of examples: We were down in Undermountain, the huge dungeon underneath the city of Waterdeep, and the guys we were going up against had a pet Rust Monster. If you don't know what one of these things is, it's a creature that can reduce ferrous metals to rust in moments (and it eats the rust). Paladins are typically head to toe in metal, and Adrianna was no exception. Still, when confronted by the rust monster, everyone else was cowering, and I figured this thing would just chase us down, so I had Adrianna charge it and try to take it down. She had a crystal sword, so that would survive, but her armor was gone a couple of rounds into the fight. The group thought that was awesome, and gave me the next suit of magical armor, even though it wasn't my turn to pick a magical item.

Another one, actually the quintessential act... we were trying to find out why women were being attacked and killed on the streets of Waterdeep at night. Adrianna even witnessed one poor woman being killed, as a cloaked figure with a knife slit her throat and then lept up onto the building next door, escaping. Doing some research, we found out that the knife apparently took over its wielder, forcing them to do the evil acts. In order to stop the knife, it either had to be wielded by someone pure of heart, or it had to be wielded into the heart of someone pure... the translation of the document we read wasn't really clear on that point.
We lost track of this frustrating killer until we were at a party, acting as bodyguards to one of the city lords. The killer showed up with a bunch of mercenaries, whom we took care of, and when the killer's plan was thwarted, he ran, and Adrianna gave chase. She caught him in a hallway, and attacked, only to find out that the cloaked figure was just an illusion... the knife was actually wielding itself! She dropped her sword and grabbed the knife out of mid-air, causing the illusion to vanish. She attempted to wield it, but it was struggling against her control, so the true way of stopping it was revealed. She turned the knife around and attempted to plunge it into her own heart, but it resisted that too. It took a supreme act of will to overcome its control and stab herself with it, but she did it. She died, but the knife was stopped. She sacrificed herself for the good of the city and was rewarded by her god. A sad day for the group. They'd grown fond of that character, but I was moving out of the city, so it was a good end for her. Well, at least it offered some heroic closure.

- Laarde. Rescue ship pilot for S.A.R.C.. Former swoopbike gang  member and fledgling Jedi Knight. I didn't get to play him as much as I wanted to... the gamesmaster, Russ, decided to "reprioritize" his gaming, and dropped that game. Too bad too, it was fun. I had some good adventures, and some good plans for the future for the character. I'll tell you more about him later.


  1. Once again, good memory!

    The only thing I remember about Champions was that the character sheet had an outline of a male or female hero to which the player could add colours and details (e.g., costumes, facial features, etc.). Steve's character was a female called "The T*t" whose only power, that I could fathom, was to run around flaunting her bare breasts at villains.

    Leave it to Steve... ;>

  2. Oh wow... I actually remember that! I think I can even recall the drawing too! Ha ha! Damn!

  3. Just to be clear, the Steve that played "The Tit", was grade-school, trouble-making-player/Killer-DM Steve, not Highschool/University Steve. TOTALLY different people.

  4. Hey, I still would love to finish up the adventure with Eginhard and see him rise to the greatness his god had destined him to ;)

    And it's a pity that our reincarnation of Laarde also got dropped...

  5. What "greatness" was that going to be, Alex? Being put to death by his own church? ;)

    Honestly, in that campaign, since we seemed to be failing at pretty much everything, I figured that I was making a lot of bad decisions that were going to come back and bite me in the ass later, and the fun-factor bottomed out.