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The Torture Continues...

To continue,

Alron was now 500 years into the future. He still had his really nice magical bow, and his funky floating mirror-shield. And now, rather than it just being me playing his whole group, I actually had a group of other characters to play with! Steve has ruined solo adventures for me. I never want to do that again. :)

So, when he first dropped into the future, he ended up in a tree, and saw a bunch of guys ride past, with a prisoner over one of their horses. He dropped down and followed, curious what was going on. He came upon what appeared to be a bandit camp. A bunch of ruffians, who weren't treating their prisoner very well... and the leader having taken the prisoner's sword and was flashing it in the sun and waving it around like an arrogant prick.

So, Alron put two arrows into him (which I think killed him outright), then changed location. When the others moved in the direction where Alron was, I put four more arrows into two different guys (I found out at this point that the special magic bow was giving me four attacks per round, instead of the normal two), taking them down as well, and I continued with this process of him shooting and moving, until he'd whittled it down to just one guy, whom he'd shot in the leg to keep him from running away.

Moving in, I released the captive, who turned out to be Richard, and I joined up with the group after that. Okay, that was a bit of a backtrack from the last post, but I thought that was pretty funny at the time, so I thought I'd relate the story. :)

I should introduce everyone.

Sarek, the half-elf fighter/cleric, played by Mike
Zoroaster, the half-elf fighter/magicuser, played by Joe
Milamber, the human magicuser, played by Francis
Richard, the human ranger, played by Jonathan
Bishop, the human thief, played by Wayne.
the human "druid", played by Terry... I don't remember the character's name.
the gnome or halfling jester, played by Jennifer, Francis' girlfriend. Don't remember this one's name either.

So, continuing on for real now, after finishing the adventure with the haunted house... I don't recall much more about it, other than an evil spirit that was already possessing Richard caused him to attack Alron while we were exploring the house, and the magical sword that Amanda gave him way back got broken by him touching a strange glowing circle in the ceiling of one room, which turned the sword's blade to crystal, and the sword got shattered on the next attack he made... and then he and Richard (as two "men of good") were the ones that went back into that bubble room to grab ahold of the tattered remains of the bubble and pull them together again to reform it.

After that... as I was saying... we continued to travel, and went through a bunch of weird adventures. We encountered this blob of rainbow light that enveloped Alron and talked to him. Francis' girlfriend decided to screw around at this point, and was using her Ventriloquism spell to "make it talk to me", while it was actually talking to me... so, I alternately got notes from Steve about what it was saying that were silly/stupid, and notes that were more serious, with no indication of what was really going on there. It was a little bothersome, since hey, this thing could have been consuming Alron's soul and here's the jester sending magical messages saying "Hi! I'm Globby the Glob! Tee hee!" I mean, we're all for fun and such during the game, but come on. Well, anyways, it turns out this thing was benevolent, and granted Alron a gift. It would benefit him in a time of great need. That really wasn't explained to him at all. The only outward difference in him is that his normally grey eyes now changed color randomly, like the thing did.

We continued on, and Richard brought us to the place his father used to live, or own, or whatever... basically an outpost in the forest. Richard was supposed to inherit it, so we were checking it out. We were staying in one big room, and while Alron was on watch (we thought something was going on here), it sounded like someone was trying to pick the lock. So, Alron whipped the door open, surprising two men who were fiddling with the lock, and he grabbed one and pulled him in the room. The other ran. We questioned the man, who said that he was just "checking the lock" (Pft. Yeah, right.), and then the other guy came back, with the "authorities". They took Alron in for questioning, and possibly Richard (I vaguely remember that), but unbeknownst to me, the thieves in the group followed us (even when we told them to stay put), and Francis' magicuser turned invisible and followed as well. So, while Alron is being questioned, the men leave him alone in the room, and the two thieves pop in to talk to him... and are promptly caught by the guys when they come back to talk to Alron more. Lovely. And I found out afterwards that Francis' magicuser discovered that there was some evil conspiracy going on, and decided to kill the conspirators... which Alron got blamed for, because he was the only one there at the time (Milamber was invisible).

As a sidebar, up to this point, Alron was of Chaotic Good alignment. It's the "Do whatever you want, as long as what you do doesn't hurt you or anyone else" philosophy. After this, though, he changed to Neutral Good, which is more of the "Yeah, that Chaotic Good idea is alright, but there has to be SOME rules, otherwise things just devolve into complete chaos, and that's not good" idea. The whole fiasco bothered him so much that he decided there had to be a change.

So, Alron was brought before the magistrate, and because he had the magical aura from "Globby" inside him, they figured he was the one that killed the people there, and so they were sending him to the south to go on trial for it. I finally convinced Francis to come clean about it, since he was all "Well, if they're actually going to put you to death for it, I'll come forwards then..." Wow, thanks, friend! You're awesome. =P

Anyways, Alron agreed to accompany him to the south when he went on trial, but we actually never made it. We got attacked by berserkers about halfway there, and I had to use up that "Globby" help when they pushed the coach we were in over the nearby sea-cliff. Basically, it kept me at 1 hit point, when I would have been dead.

So, we worked our way back to the others, since all the guards and such were dead, and we had no idea where they were taking us... and we continued on.

Now, my memory is a little fuzzy on this, but maybe I waited until now to actually change Alron's alignment... because the rule at the time was that if you change you alignment, no matter the reason, you lose 1 level, and I remember that Steve thought that was rather unfair, so instead he said "I'll roll a d6, and that's how many game sessions you can't gain experience points for." I agreed, and I think it came up as a three. So, for three sessions after this, I couldn't gain any more experience. After that, I would be fully Neutral Good, and I could gain experience normally. It was kind of a "transition period".

Now, if you think that this was going to be an easy transition, well, I'll recommend you to be calling up Vince for the ShamWow or the Slapchop, 'cause you know the Germans make good stuff, and you'll love his nuts. ;)

More in the next post...

Oh, if I were to play Alron now, I think I'd probably use this miniature, or something similar. He's supposed to have black hair and a 'salt&pepper' beard and grey eyes... unlike the mini in the previous post, who has blond hair.

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  1. Two thumbs up for this mini.

    Anyone who can handle a sword that big with one hand has earned my respect. ;>