Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wow, I really meant to get back to this sooner.

So, "When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers..." they were in the mountain town of Delve, and had just defeated some ice mephits who had been freezing the townsfolk... or they were just hanging around after the demon froze all the townsfolk. I guess I never did figure that out.

I was away for this session. Probably on vacation at Disney World, if memory serves. We explained it that Zorenthiel's duties as a priest and healer overrode his arcane curiosity, and he stayed in town to help free the rest of the people, rather than go with the group to defeat the demon.

Because I find the journal entry written by Jason (Pate's player) to be so entertaining, I'm going to quote it word for word here. :)

"Today we went to kill the demon thing that has been freezing all the nice townspeople. We were supposed to be looking for Ehrdren's dad, but we never really seem to get around to doing stuff like that. Which is a shame, because I miss my donkey Forget-Me-Not and I am pretty sure he can help me out with that. I hope they are taking care of him. I mean my donkey that is. Ehrdren's dad is dead; I guess he doesn't need taking care of.

We beat up a little demon (again) and he gave us the information we needed (again). He led us to a cold cave. We tied him up outside. You can't trust demons at all...especially little ones. I used lots of rope.

The cave was icy cold. The Lady felt bad for us so she made sure the cold wouldn't bother us. She didn't do anything about the ice though. I think maybe she wanted me to try something else besides jumping at big monsters and beating them up until I black out. She maybe has a point. A little ways into the cave we almost fell into a pit. It was pretty deep so we used rope to cross it. We used all of my rope..and I had a LOT of rope. I need to buy more. Timond and Illeana got a little banged up climbing across. It was a little funny. A bit later we got attacked wall? It looked like a big bit of wall made out of clearish honey. It kinda ate Timond and Calatin's dog. It didn't have a mouth, and I looked. We beat it up though and pulled Timond and the dog out. I don't know what else to say about THAT."

DM Note: This was an attack by a gelatinous cube that hid in a side passage and attacked when the party moved past it.

"Further into the cave we saw an awesome ice slide and we knew there were monsters at the bottom. And this ...this was so cool. Timond sent a fake bear down the slide to scare the monsters and I slid down the slide to start the beatings. Only there was a big hole at the bottom (who does that?) and I fell down it. Illeana helped me get out and we started the beatings proper. There was three little ice demons and one huge Ice Demon.

I walked over and started beating it up (see, I listened to the lady. No running or jumping). And it started beating me up back. It was really strong. I wish I could fight like that. I think Illeana was healing me, but I am not sure. It's hard to be smart and notice stuff when I get to beatin'. Timond summoned a big gold lion and lots of fire too. I think he hurt the big Ice monster more than I did. Calatin couldn't fight because he was trying to get his dog out of the hole.
The little ice demons were so happy we beat up their daddy that one decided to be Timond's slave. I am not sure if I trust him, but he seems nice enough. I guess. And the townspeople were so happy they decided to give me a adamant hammer. I think I will give my old hammer to Timond. He needs to bulk up. The townspeople are giving an adamant weapon to Illeana, too."

DM Note: The one remaining ice mephit, upon witnessing Timond deal the fatal fire-based blow to the ice devil, decided that he should serve his new master, the mighty wizard Timond. He is now Timond’s lackey. We’ll see how that goes.

"After that we finally went to Ehrdren's dad's place. We didn't get to talk to him because it has so many stairs. Hopefully we can get my Forget-Me-Not back tomorrow."

DM Note: The party descended into The Deeping Well (where souls wait after death, before moving on to the afterlife), seeking to speak with the singer of the well, Drogan, as well as with Ehrdren’s father who recently gave his life in exchange for returning his long-dead wife to new life.

It sounded like a fun session, and I regret missing it, but if memory does serve, and I was at Disney World, I'm sure I was doing something just as fun, if not more-so, so I'm not too broken up about it. :)