Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things get more interesting.

So, after our group was expelled from Barston by the village elders, we camped outside the town in order to figure out what to do.

During the night, during Zorenthiel's watch in fact, we were attacked! Shambling Mounds! This is where I started to see how the group functioned a bit better. The previous sessions, we were all trying to just figure stuff out, so there was a bit of scrambling, and a lot of impulsive "I cast the spell to see what happens!" kind of stuff... no complaint there... that's just how it goes when you're not 'in the know' about a situation, and I did a bunch of it myself. I'm just tellin' it like it was. ;)

Anyway, Pate was very much the "CHARGE!" type, leaping into battle. Timond liked to blast stuff with fire. Ehrdren was a skirmisher, moving around on the battlefield and firing his bow. Calatin and Hornet used teamwork to flank enemies and take them down.

We beat the shambling mounds, but unfortunately, Toni's bard, Kai, was killed in the fight. As Toni rolled up a new character, the rest of us went on to an encounter with some Redcaps. Man, those little guys were tough! They very much lived up to their reputation as vicious little fighters! I don't know if Craig drew them from some source or if he just made them up himself. Either way, whoever created them did a very good job. We were definitely afraid of Redcaps from that point on. We prevailed against the Recaps, but then a Verdant Prince showed up. He was some kind of royal Fey. Like an elf (perhaps an Eladrin for those 4e players), but far more regal and powerful. He dropped a Wall of Thorns around us and called down a lightning storm that HURT. Wow. When he offered the chance to parlay, oh boy were we quick to accept!

He took us to a house, where we sat down to talk. He offered us our lives and one request, in return for our blood oath that we would never again set foot in "The Eveningland". We had no idea what The Eveningland was, other than that we were currently there. We guessed that it meant that the lands ahead of the advancing forest were in decline. We agreed to his proposal. The others asked for various things... I don't remember exactly what everyone requested. I do remember Mike E. asking for some kind of weapon for Calatin. Magical claws of some kind that were more powerful against fey creatures... ones that he could use while in animal form. I think Roy asked for more spells for Timond, or maybe more knowledge about how to use the staff he had. Me? Since Zorenthiel was lawful good, and was still trying to look out for the people of Barston, I had him make a deal with the Verdant Prince. He didn't want any items. If the group was going to be forced to leave and never return, he wanted the Verdant Prince to take his fey with him and leave, never to return or bother Barston again.

He agreed to that, and everything else. Then he let us out the back door of the house. When we walked out, we realized that it was a gateway to the Fey Wild. He definitely made sure that we left The Eveningland! (That Jerk! heh)

There, we met Toni's new character, an elven ranger with a horse as her animal companion. Zorenthiel was happy to have another elf in the group. Next was finding a way out of the Fey Wild. That would prove to be interesting. :)

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